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- 180g Oats (we used ground oats but feel free to use rolled oats for a more traditional flapjack)
- 25g Dried Cranberries
- 25g Cacao Nibs
- 1 Banana
- 3 tbsp Honey / Zero Calorie Syrup
- 3 tbsp Smooth Peanut Butter
- 3 tbsp Coconut Oil (plus extra for greasing)

For the chocolate topping:
- 1 tbsp Coconut Oil
- 100g Dark Chocolate

MACROS (per slice with chocolate topping)
Calories: 248
Protein: 5.8g
Fats: 10.8g
Carbs: 29.5g

1.) Preheat the oven to 200c (fan 180c) and line a baking tray with greaseproof paper.

2.) Place the oats in a mixing bowl.

3.) Mash the banana with a fork (a few lumps are ok!) and place in a saucepan with the honey, peanut butter and coconut oil. Allow this mix to simmer until a paste is formed.

4.) Pour this liquid over the oats and mix until combined. Stir in the dried cranberries and cacao nibs.

5.) Transfer the mix to the pre-lined baking tray and press down with a spatula to flatten.

6.) Bake for 15-20 minutes until the top begins to brown. Once cooked leave to cool for 10 minutes.

7.) Melt the coconut oil and the dark chocolate over a low heat until combined.

8.) Pour the chocolate mix onto the cooled flapjack and leave to cool.

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